Beckmann Bio, Benefits in outsourcing. In dynamic times you need a flexible organisation!

Business Development

Experienced Consultants for the Business Development of: Your Product Line & Your Organization

We support your business development in both areas on the basis:

Development of the Product Line(s)

You have a product (line) but need additional ones to properly utilize your resources? You see synergies with other (disease/market) areas where your in-house expertise is limited? You have the need but just don't have the time to deal with it? Here an experienced consultant can help you to maximize the potential you have available by helping you with

Organizational Development

Here we do not provide you with textbook knowledge, nor with a prefabricated solution for the industry. We listen to your plans and needs to identify the right consultant for your organizational development project - a suitable person who changed organizations in the past and understands the implications of the change process needed for you beyond the timeframe of the project.


In the recent past we supported clients in identifying opportunities for

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