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Strategic Marketing

Activities of Strategic Marketing vary while your offer moves from the pre-launch phase, via launch into life cycle management. Please see below the graph for the different phases of your offer and move the mouse over a phase of interest to see examples of tasks in Marketing during that phase. You find our process to support you in developing a Strategic Marketing Plan suitable for the overall strategy and a specific phase further down on this webpage.

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Strategic Planning Cycle

For our definition of Strategic Marketing and the differentiation versus Operational Marketing and Promotion we refer you to the respective documents behind the links above.

To support you in your strategic marketing activities we follow a rather simple process.

In an internal meeting with you we start with the definition of your goals for your offer, directly followed by the examination of Internal and External Issues. This generally allows us to identify a crude position for your offer. From there we continue to identify initial options for the strategy. Thereafter we recommend to identify gaps in your data and activities for a potential actions plan to be implemented still before launch.

We recommend thereafter to develop an indepth SWOT Analysis, based on a VRIO Analysis related to your offer and a PEST Analysis related to your environment. Based on these thourought analyses of your offer and markets we develop from the initial options your strategy, written down in a Strategic Marketing Plan, for internal agreement and alignment. Thereafter an internal strategic marketing specialist ensures the fulfillment of the strategic marketing plan via the derived Operational Marketing Plan.

Naturally, we adapt in our way of working and processes according to your needs. Pleas contact us for further information.

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