About me

About me

My Approach

BECKMANN BIO is a service provider to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to support scientific, marketing and business development activities. We combine the market and managerial knowledge of experienced contractors with automated data management skills I have in house. The overall objective is to help you maximise the benefits of your assets. This includes products as well as services.

By combining different skillsets and a multitude of industry experiences from a network of experienced contractors BECKMANN BIO provides you with the needed capabilities and competencies to

  • analyse your environment and options
  • formulate strategies for different commercial areas
  • plan, feed and execute needed commercial activities

BECKMANN BIO’s network of more than 270 experienced experts all over the world is ready to support your projects or as interim managers. Tasks can be executed quickly and at very high precision by executing the tasks to be performed by experts as much as possible via automated processes leaving more time for analysis and additional work. In the fields of scientific affairs and marketing we provide these services to small and large clients. Our automation systems are able to handle large volumes of data at the highest level of accuracy and provide you with automatically updated information and material at a high frequency. For more information please see the section “RPA”.

The Business Idea

BECKMANN BIO was founded in 2008 based on the observation made within large pharmaceutical companies that in dynamic times and times of internal change frequently the needed capabilities are not available. Contract work seemed the obvious solution to this problem.

With time the topic of automated processes became more and more important throughout the industry. Currently this is much focused on client handling and financial administration work processes, but we investigated and identified opportunities in the field of scientific communication, marketing and business development. For more information please see the section “RPA”.

Dr. Max Beckmann

Managerial Background

Dr. Max Beckmann started BECKMANN BIO s.p.r.l. in 2008 after a successful career with GlaxoSmithKline (globally, Canada and Poland) and Hoffmann-La Roche (Germany), where Max held commercial and managerial positions of increasing responsibility, like managing the anti-infective business of Roche in Germany, launching the Infanrix vaccine franchise globally and managing the Polish vaccine business of GSK . With BECKMANN BIO, as before at large pharmaceutical manufacturers, Max works in the field of management, strategy, commercialisation and scientific communication. Max is especially interested in bringing new offers to market, market analysis, valuations and business strategies, as well as process automatisation of service offers of BECKMANN BIO.

Scientific Background

Initially Max studied chemistry in Munich, Germany, at the Technische Universität München and Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich. Master and PhD theses he completed at the Max Planck Institut for Biochemistry under Prof. Dieter Oesterheld, studying light driven membrane pumps and light receptors in archaebacteria and algae.

Programming Background

Already in 1978 Max started programming as a high school student in the USA, bought his first PC in ’79, while working on his PhD he was responsible for the PC infrastructure within his research department, started his first company in PC hardware in Germany in 1991, provided analytical support of the sales data while managing the commercial data infrastructure at Hofmann-La Roche and built the first intranet-based platform for marketing material while launching the larger Infanrix combination vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline.