Support your Business Case

Support your Business Case

We provide support in multiple areas and forms. Build on our experience gained by working for major pharmaceutical companies and innovative biotech start ups we conduct projects on behalf of our clients or work ad interim within their organisation. Such work we perform at national level, at regional level (e.g. across Europe) and globally.

Naturally one can not be an expert in everything. But many experts can cover a lot of ground. At our end we cover about 22 different therapeutic areas and work in scientific affairs, business development and marketing, we a strong focus on the generation of information and material as well as the respective quality assurance.

And just and a example, we are able to support you for the launch of a new by elaborating the following via project work:

  • Strategic and tactical ‘go2market’ roadmaps
    • clinical development
    • market development
  • Organisational requirements
    • identification of requirements
    • organisation design
    • processes / standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Commercial data infrastructure
    • design
    • mining
    • housing
  • Forecasting
    • net/brut sales
    • commercial operating costs
    • valuations (NPV, ROI, …)
  • Description/agreement of market parameters, like
    • patient flow
    • customer decision mapping
    • identification of ‘touch points’

This was just an example. Please contact us for further information.