Commercial Expertise

Commercial Expertise

Successfully developing an offer, be it a product or a service, although difficult, is not even the start of success yet. Success in business is determined by winning customers willing to pay for the value you offer. For new offers this starts at one end by launching your offer as a corporation exploiting your market presence to, at the other end, finding a partner to take over your asset to exploit it. The range of options to shape your success is wide and we have experience throughout the scope of bringing an offer to market.

From Launch … …

Preparing and executing a successful product launch is complex, and must be tailored to the offer and the market. It requires sustained and coordinated activities across multiple departments within your organisation. Our experts have been personally responsible for the successful launch of a broad range of transforming therapies and prophylaxes in both small and large pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Europe and the USA.

Let us help you to plan and execute key elements of a product launch:

  • strategic and tactical go-to-market roadmaps
  • plan your commercial organisation and resources
  • design and build your commercial data infrastructure
  • forecast product revenue, costs and profit, as well as asset values
  • develop a supply chain strategy and execution support

Planning the resources and budgets required for the successful launch of your new offer needs to start three years out, especially for a company new to commercialisation. For such a company a first launch is like a metamorphosis, because multiple elements like shared services, back office functions, commercial SOPs, commercial financial and data systems, decision bodies, and all field-based personnel will need to be put in place.

Working from a roadmap can be of tremendous value in making sure that all elements are addressed in good time and all dependencies are respected. Coordination is key, because disconnects between individual work streams in a launch plan can seriously undermine the commercial process. Setting up the commercial supply chain can often become a rate limiting step and must be considered in time. For example for a pharmaceutical product this is as early as during phase 2 studies.

Even if your strategy is to partner for the commercialisation of your offer at the time when POC study results become available, there are elements of a launch plan that should be underway by then if the marketing partner is not to lose time.

We can help you to orchestrate the whole launch process or bring you tailored expertise to plan and execute specific components. BECKMANN BIO is well placed to ensure that you are ready, on time and on budget.

… … To Exit

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