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BECKMANN BIO SRL provides managerial and consultancy services to pharmaceutical, “red” biotech and medical device companies on the development of offers and company structure. We help you to identify and exploit opportunities within markets and with customers. We support you when you need to adapt your organisation to be able to address your future challenges.

We started in 2008 but since 2013 we work based on a virtual business concept exclusively. More than 250 independent consultants, experts in their respective fields, support you only when needed. This allows you to build on a wide range of expertise and working with highly motivated people to address the full scope of your challenges. In summary we offer

  • a large team of independent experts
  • a wide scope of expertise and experience beyond the scope of a single company
  • experience as employees like yourself as well as independent experts
  • creative and innovative thinkers to open new doors and show new ways
  • to conduct stand-alone projects as well as as part of your organisation
  • to work remotely, in hybrid teams as well as to lead internal teams

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Why We Are Different

A consultant is only as good as the information available. We support you and your consultants with customised automated processes to retrieve and analyse underlying information. This allows us

  • to ensure quality, efficacy and speedy delivery by
  • not repeating things over and over again when you need changes.

This allows us to

  • be more flexible and open to new ideas you might have throughout the project
  • adjust the project according to learnings throughout the project
  • control budgets and timelines better

Contact us at info@beckmann-bio.com to learn more!

Wide Scope Of Expertise

We combine the expertise and experience of a large group of experts with the ability to support you and these experts with the required information and data to complete the project at hand.

Data Processing Ability

We process the underlying information fast, reliable and most accurately for you to have a solid base to make the right decision.

Have Any Queries For Our Company?

Please let us know about your project ideas and potential needs. This way we get to know each other and, perhaps, we can start something great together. Also you might want to know more about the “Robotic Process Automatisation” (RPA) we use to work fast, reliable, accurately and being able to show what and how things have been done for you.

Contact us at info@beckmann-bio.com to learn more!

… and in case you want to know who is behind all this: click here to see the Personal Profile of Max.