“The most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

Have you ever thought evolution through? “Survival of the fittest.” is a positive statement as it points out that new developments have benefits and a likelihood to succeed. When looking at it from the other side though the motto of Charles Darwin does not look so pretty anymore, because the survival of the fittest results in the unfit not surviving. So we need to be aware that “Survival of the fittest.” dictates that “The unfit must die!”. Taking Charles Darwins quote from above we fully embrace that if we are “the one most responsive to change” then we have the best chance in the market.

First let’s accept the fact that evolution is not limited to birds and turtles. Humans change and today our social and work environment changes at a pace never seen before. Just look at the way we communicate. Our grandparents’ generation communicated by mail (real letters, I mean!), as did their ancestors. Our parents already had phones and faxes, while we saw the introduction of emails, sharepoints and data rooms, video conferencing and video conferencing via the internet, and chat systems also within complete communication platforms like Teams.

Now this is the world we live in. Permanent change rules everything, in communication and everywhere else. And we need to respond to changes faster and faster. And our businesses need to do the same. Just think about the change to commerce initiated by the appearance of companies like SAP, Amazon and Ebay!

So I think it is fair to say that everything one creates and does has an expiry date! As requirements change we need to “renovate” or “rebuild”, even just to continue what we did before.

Permanently we must seek new opportunities for you as our clients but also for ourselves. Consultancy work may seem to be pure brain work and handling of texts, worksheets and slides as means to capture thoughts and to communicate. But just to go out and tell people what you know does not satisfy you as our clients. You are in different situations to the ones we have seen before so the experience gathered in former jobs or projects is only part of the solution you are looking for. New information needs to be gathered, to be considered and processed to adjust to the difference in setting and time. And this gathering and processing of information to develop ideas is changing continuously, dramatically and fast. And at the same time you expect our work continuously to become faster and more reliable while costs need to be kept under control.

“Robotic Process Automatisation” (RPA) is a buzzword in this context, but does not really cover it. RPA focuses on standardising work processes that happen often and are required for a wide audience. At BECKMANN BIO we continuously automate processes we perform within projects. Our solution of automating our processes is perhaps better covered by the broader term “Digital Transformation”. With the automatisation we learned to better understand workflows and how to be effective. By digitally transforming workflows we created our own library of software code to go back to when starting a new project. By adapting old and creating new code we are able to continuously adjust the automatisation of work according to your needs. So by this digital transformation we put Darwin’s motto into our company’s DNA and work hard to be “the most responsive to change” and to improve our services for you!

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