Does your idea have a chance?

For years we supported clients with identifying the opportunity for their ideas. For years we have the same discussion. Is the perception of the medical need and market value realistic? To help manage expectations we developed a simple two dimensional diagram already 7 years ago, just to start a discussion about the situation. Relationship of Medical Need and Economic Potential (BECKMANN BIO 2015) Your understanding of the situation can be absolutely correct, but frequently people misjudge their offer regarding both dimensions of this diagram. The medical need is misjudged as developers look only at what they have at hand and do not consider that the customers might regard other topics as more important. And the economic potential of an offer can be restricted by factors of the healthcare system and…
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“The most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin Have you ever thought evolution through? "Survival of the fittest." is a positive statement as it points out that new developments have benefits and a likelihood to succeed. When looking at it from the other side though the motto of Charles Darwin does not look so pretty anymore, because the survival of the fittest results in the unfit not surviving. So we need to be aware that "Survival of the fittest." dictates that "The unfit must die!". Taking Charles Darwins quote from above we fully embrace that if we are "the one most responsive to change" then we have the best chance in the market. First let's accept the fact that evolution is not limited to birds and turtles. Humans change and today our social and work environment…
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