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You have a development project ongoing and need to understand who might be interested in your offer and how to commercialise it? Before you talk to an investor you want to know the value of your product idea and development? You have a new asset at hand or you plan to take one on board and need to understand what it takes to go to market successfully?

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Product Valuations

There are various ways to value an offer. There is no such thing as the value of X is Y, not considering the circumstances. For example a value is dependent on the remaining risks for an investor. Plus the obtainable price depends on the kind of investor you seek. Mostly it starts with understanding the market, get all relevant information on the different geographies, analyse current practices and products to create a vision of a future with your offer in it. This takes “crunching numbers” to analyse the data available and market understanding to customise the analysis to your specific needs.

Also one needs to understand the situation of the potential buyer. So information needs to be gathered on what a targeted investor has done and how did comparable transaction look like in the past.

Many consultancies conduct such projects by having large teams handle all the information and standardised software to process data. Frequently such projects cause ‘unexpected nightshifts’ leading to problems in staying within the limits of the budget and time. Also work is frequently performed in a ‘black box’ leaving clients with nothing but the reputation of the consultancy regarding the proper conduct of the project.

At BECKMANN BIO we are fully transparent in our approach on how we collect information, acquire data and process it. Your input is welcome and your special situation will be reflected throughout the whole project by adjusting the data handling individually. As such we are able to offer standardised solutions that are easy to understand by any potential partner you might have, as well as special solutions specifically tailored to your setting.

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Scientific Appraisals and Reviews

You have a new asset to evaluate in a therapeutic area you are not familiar with? You want to give your existing offer a new spin by expending into new domains? There are no beaten tracks and you are unfamiliar with the territory?

This is like skiing aside prepared slopes. You have to know the terrain and current conditions to get down and be safe. That is why skiers use guides Our experts can guide you through the unchartered terrain you face with expanding your offer so that you are safe and get to where you want to.

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